Sweet Paris Crêperie: Houston, TX

The last morning I spent in Texas, my sister and I decided to wake up earlier to get breakfast and spend some quality sister time together. We went to a crepe restaurant around Rice called Sweet Paris Crêperie. It doesn’t look too big from the outside but there’s quite a bit of seating once you get inside. Sweet Paris is adorable and their staff is very friendly; they make and serve both sweet and savory crêpes so you’ll be sure to find something you like! We ordered off the breakfast crêpe as well as the regular crêpe menu and both my sister and I went for the savory crêpes. We went not too long after it opened so it was mostly empty but as the morning went on, more and more customers came in for their crêpe fix of the day.  The crêpes are large and extremely filling but so delicious that you want to finish it all. I wish I could go back now and get another Alaskan (scottish smoked salmon, pickled red onions, capers, fresh dill, and two scrambled eggs, topped with dill sour cream)!

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Check out their adorable website and full menu here!


Frenchy’s Chicken: Houston, TX

For months before my trip to Texas, I had been constantly telling my sister how much I was craving fried chicken. She promised we could get some when I visited and that it would be excellent fried chicken. She definitely kept her promise; it was probably the best fried chicken I have ever had. Most of the time, fried chicken is either overly fried or too salty. These were fried just right with just the right amount of seasoning so my taste buds weren’t begging for water. The meat inside was tender and juicy (currently drooling over the thought of Frenchy’s fried chicken while writing this).

Frenchy’s is located in central Houston, in a African American neighborhood and may not look like much from the outside, but if you have time, go and get the chicken. The dirty rice it came with was equally as tasty.


Brazos Bend State Park: Needville, TX

IMG_3016eBrazos Bend State Park was one of my favorite parts of my trip to Texas, aside from all the wonderful food I was able to eat. I’m very used to going to National and State parks filled with luscious green trees and mountain surroundings. This park was not that at all, instead it was a swamp. But it had its own beauty that I came to appreciate. The wildlife in this park was not bears and deer, but rather a haven of different birds, turtles, and alligators. We kept count of how many gators we saw during our time there and counted at least 51 of them. There were some really little ones and others were massive, thankfully located on the other side of the swamp though. There were a few medium sized and smaller gators that were really close to path we were walking so it was pretty cool to see them up close.  We picked the perfect day to go since the weather was perfect, not too hot but beautifully sunny so all the gators were out sunbathing. If you’re down in Houston, Brazos Bend State Park is a spot you definitely need to visit. It’s 7 dollars per person to enter the park but it’s worth the experience and nature view. It’s family and dog friendly, you just have to keep an eye on both dogs and children to make sure they stay on the path and away from the alligators. It’s a really popular spot for camping trips as well.

Gourdough’s Public House: Austin, TX


I’ve heard from several people rave about Gourdough’s Specialty Doughnuts so I decided it was time to check them out. They actually have a food truck for the donuts but the night we wanted to go was a bit chilly so we went to the public house instead. Their menu of donuts is quite extensive and if you go on their website, they have a photo of most of the donuts so you can see what it looks like before you order it. I went with 5 other people and we each ordered a different doughnut to share. Each doughnut was sinfully delectable, packed with sweets and chocolates, depending on what you ordered. I got the “Black Betty“, which my friend pointed out that it was “very northwest of me”, which I suppose is true. It’s a doughnut with house made blackberry filling, cream cheese icing, cake mix, cinnamon, sugar, & locally harvested honey butter. It was amazing and so filling, I could barely finish it. Another favorite that was ordered was the “Ring O’ Fire”, a doughnut with chipotle infused brownie batter, chocolate icing, brownie bites, salted butter caramel sauce, & cayenne candied pecans. It was extremely chocolatey with a bit of a kick to add some uniqueness.



Amy’s Ice Creams: Austin, TX

Amy’s Ice Creams is sold in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It’s kind of like a hipster Coldstone where you can mix toppings into your ice cream. They sometimes will do cool tricks and try to throw your ice cream around until it lands in the bowl. There’s definitely a different type of ice cream culture but their ice cream is absolutely divine. I got the Irish Cream Coffee flavored ice cream and did not regret that choice, not one bit. It was creamy, it tasted like coffee but not overbearingly with a slight hint of alcohol and it was delicious.