Boyfriend Jeans

DSC_0412wBoyfriend jeans are in, in, in and I’m not complaining! I’ve seen boyfriend jeans all over the  place and have been coveting a pair until I found these at Gap. Being quite petite, I worried about the loose fitted jeans making me appear even more stout but took a chance and bought them anyways. After trying them on at home again and wearing them out today, I’ve decided to keep them because they are so incredibly comfortable. For a person who hates wearing pants normally, I can see myself wearing these a lot this summer. This pair of boyfriend jeans are perfect for me because I found a pair in the “short” length, meaning I don’t have to roll the cuffs up a million times before they’re at the right length. Also, they’re distressed but not actually ripped unlike a pair I tried on at AE so I won’t accidentally make the rips larger.
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Paired with the perfect pair of sandal wedges and a tote (some of you may have seen these on my Instagram already) from Francesca’s that I’m currently obsessing over, this boyfriend jeans look was completed along with a belt. I’ve been studying a lot lately as well so I decided to forego the contact lenses today and sport my Furla brand specs. I recommend wearing shirts that are a bit shorter or cut off at your waist to avoid making your jeans look overly slouchy or your overall outfit too loose.


DSC_0423wsTribal Tank: Nordstrom
Salmon-colored Cardigan: H&M (Men’s section)
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Harper Tote & Sandal Wedges: Francesca’s

A few of my favorite boyfriend outfits below:





Sunshine and Rompers


I’ve never been a huge fan of rompers as they’ve become more and more popular lately. The usual and most common rompers are too flowery for my taste and way too short for my body type. I don’t feel comfortable in one because I usually feel like my butt is hanging out. However, when I found this particular romper at Forever 21 the other day, I fell in love.

I love the length of this piece, it’s longer than most rompers and so much more classy. The top is a drape front and the bottom are patterned prints. Drape front tops are one of my favorite style trends lately because they’re so simple yet elegant. Paired with a simple pair of black heels and simple jewelry, this look has easily become one of my favorites and I’m excited to wear it again!

The London Plane {Seattle, WA}


My friend Jessie and I decided to take a nice break at the end of the week and go out for lunch, spend some girl time together. We’d made plans to go to the The London Plane earlier and had been looking forward to it all week long. Located in Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle, The London Place is beautifully and spaciously designed.  It’s a flower shop, dry goods shop, bakery, cafe, wine shop & bar, and events space.  This sounds like there’s a lot going on but once you visit The London Plane, you’ll understand how beautifully integrated the different components are woven together. 

Walking in, you’re greeted with beautiful arrangements of flowers and the entire space is filled with natural lighting. The interior of this place is quite breathtaking and you just soak it all in when you’re there. I couldn’t get enough of my surroundings.

The cafe portion is located in the front corner of the entire space, separated by the floral arrangements. They serve a variety of local beverages so we ordered two different flavored DRY sodas: Lavender and Juniper Berry.DSC_0127
The menu changes daily and servers a variety of meats and vegetables. We ordered three small plates to share.

All three plates were spectacular and refreshing. The bread was delicious and the herb butter was even better.  The Albacore tuna had just the right amount of flavor but my favorite was definitely the asparagus. With a strong hint of mint, they were perfectly seasoned and pistachios added the perfect touch. Jessie and I couldn’t get enough of it!

After we finished eating, we walked around the rest of The London Plane and their shop area. I also tried their homemade peach preserve and it was amazing. Next time, I’m definitely going back to buy a jar!

Visit The London Plane here.

Lastly, here’s what we wore to our little luncheon!

Crossroads Trading Co. : J. Crew Navy blue seersuckered gingham
H&M: Lace Skirt
Charlotte Russe: Grey ankle boots
Nordstrom: Gold bar Necklace

Crossroads Trading Co. : Eyelet Tunic
J. Crew: Leggings
Lucky Brand black flats

If you’ve been to The London Plane, please share your experience! And if not, definitely stop by for breakfast, brunch, or lunch sometime soon!

A little bit of edge: the Look


We’ll keep this post short and sweet.

I thrifted this fake leather skirt from Crossroads a few weeks ago and have been dying for a chance to wear it. I’d been looking for a leather skirt for awhile but nothing affordable ever fit right and even though this skirt isn’t real leather, it fits perfectly and isn’t too heavy. For a darker, edgier vibe, I paired the skirt with a dark grey print top from Urban Outfitters I found on sale earlier this year for 5 dollars and a necklace from Buffalo Exchange that gave just enough to the look. It’s one of my favorite new finds from the last few weeks and I’m excited to use it to accessorize more outfits. I absolutely love these darker pieces fitted together.




DSC_0070wCrossroads Trading Co: Skirt (Forever 12)
Buffalo Exchange: Necklace
Urban Outfitters: Printed top
Charlotte Russe: Ankle boots

Next time, I’m definitely going to throw in some dark lipstick to complete the look!

Patterned Pants

Patterned pants can be found everywhere you look  this year. I’ve never been bold enough to wear them but I’ve admired my friends who have been confident in theirs. I found a pair a little bit ago that I really liked so I bought them, hoping to work up the courage to wear them someday and that day was today! (Well yesterday, since this is being posted a day late).


Forever 21: Shirt
Nordstrom: Pants
Old Navy: Sandals
Necklace: from my mother’s college wardrobe

Not only do I love the pattern on these pants but also the style of these pants. They’re incredibly comfy and cute at the same time. It’s been a long few weeks for me so I was ready to wear something relaxing. The weather was cloudy most of the day but relatively warm. These pants allowed for a breeze and comfortable temperature. Pair patterned pants with other simple and solid pieces so there isn’t too much going on. The tricky part about this pants though, is my height. I’m quite petite, being only 5’1″ so I have to take note that the pants don’t make me look stout. But after such a comfortable day filled with compliments in these pants, I’m in love. Now I want to buy more pairs of these pants, patterned or solid!

The best things about these pants is you can dress them up or down! Check out some of my favorite looks below:

And as an added bonus, check out my friend’s fashion blog and her unique sense of style. Her confidence in her patterned pants inspired me to get a pair of my own!