From Sun Up to Sun Down

DSC_0838“From the rising of the sun
To the going down of the same
The name of the Lord is to be praised”

Yesterday was a fun filled day of hikes and water activities. I’ve been wanting to do a sunrise hike all summer long but we’ve been really busy. The last time we planned to go, the weather forecast didn’t look so great so we decided to save it for another time. Since Tiff leaves to go back to Houston on Thursday, we had to cram this hike in on Saturday and invited our parents to come along. I was quite impressed that they did and it ended up being some great family time! We left the house around 3:30 AM Saturday morning and arrived at the Rattlesnake Ledge trailhead around 4:30-4:45 to begin our upward ascent.

Rattlesnake Ledge is the perfect sunrise hike because it provides a wonderful view of the sunrise and isn’t too long or rigorous of a hike. As we set out in complete darkness using flashlight to guide our path, the sky began to lighten as the morning came about and we reached the top around 5:30. The sun itself didn’t make it’s glorious appearance until almost 6:10 but it was really nice to eat breakfast and just hang out up top. Turns out, it’s a really popular sunrise hike so we were joined by many other groups of hikers.


IMG_5711Once the sun was fully risen, we had to rush back down the mountain because Tiff and I had an outing with our church group and needed to make it back in time to catch the Kingston ferry with them. We spent the rest of the day in the Olympic National Park starting in Crescent Lake to eat lunch and hang out at the Lake. IMG_5736

Some people rented some kayaks and canoes to paddle out to the Lake while the rest of us spent our time swimming and skipping rocks. The weather was absolutely perfect for our activities and allowed us to dry off after we swam. We ended up spending almost four hours at the Lake.10525961_10152136619047504_8710145616228639955_n

From there, we drove to another portion of the park to do a quick hike before we had to head back to the ferry docks and grab burgers  from The Grub Hut (which isn’t’ bad actually:  The Grub Hut) along the way. On the ferry ride back, we also were able to see the sunset on the waters as we arrived back in Edmonds around 9 PM.IMG_5802

Even though it was such an active day, it was so great to be able to see both the sunrise and sunset while enjoying God’s beautiful creation all around with brothers and sisters. Summer sure has been a wonderful


The London Plane {Seattle, WA}


My friend Jessie and I decided to take a nice break at the end of the week and go out for lunch, spend some girl time together. We’d made plans to go to the The London Plane earlier and had been looking forward to it all week long. Located in Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle, The London Place is beautifully and spaciously designed.  It’s a flower shop, dry goods shop, bakery, cafe, wine shop & bar, and events space.  This sounds like there’s a lot going on but once you visit The London Plane, you’ll understand how beautifully integrated the different components are woven together. 

Walking in, you’re greeted with beautiful arrangements of flowers and the entire space is filled with natural lighting. The interior of this place is quite breathtaking and you just soak it all in when you’re there. I couldn’t get enough of my surroundings.

The cafe portion is located in the front corner of the entire space, separated by the floral arrangements. They serve a variety of local beverages so we ordered two different flavored DRY sodas: Lavender and Juniper Berry.DSC_0127
The menu changes daily and servers a variety of meats and vegetables. We ordered three small plates to share.

All three plates were spectacular and refreshing. The bread was delicious and the herb butter was even better.  The Albacore tuna had just the right amount of flavor but my favorite was definitely the asparagus. With a strong hint of mint, they were perfectly seasoned and pistachios added the perfect touch. Jessie and I couldn’t get enough of it!

After we finished eating, we walked around the rest of The London Plane and their shop area. I also tried their homemade peach preserve and it was amazing. Next time, I’m definitely going back to buy a jar!

Visit The London Plane here.

Lastly, here’s what we wore to our little luncheon!

Crossroads Trading Co. : J. Crew Navy blue seersuckered gingham
H&M: Lace Skirt
Charlotte Russe: Grey ankle boots
Nordstrom: Gold bar Necklace

Crossroads Trading Co. : Eyelet Tunic
J. Crew: Leggings
Lucky Brand black flats

If you’ve been to The London Plane, please share your experience! And if not, definitely stop by for breakfast, brunch, or lunch sometime soon!

Staple & Fancy: Seattle

First of all, I’m sorry for this late, late post. And secondly, I also apologize for the quality of the photos in this post. It was dark in the restaurant and I didn’t have my DSLR with me.

Sean had been wanting to visit Staple & Fancy for so long and we’ve had to deal with him talking about it for months so when restaurant week came around (which was back in April), we gladly booked a reservation to go. We had a dinner reservation for 8pm and were seated quite promptly upon arrival. The feel of the restaurant was very much Ballard-esque. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ballard, it very much has a defining features of Seattle. It’s trendy, it’s hip, and bears a folk-sy vibe. Staple & Fancy is a rustic, Italian-inspired restaurant, with a comfortable ambiance. With wood finishing and dim lights, it’s definitely a busy restaurant, especially during restaurant week.

I thought it was pretty neat that in their restaurant week menu, they brought all four appetizer options out to you so you could try a bit of everything. Of course, the portions were proportionate to the number of people in your party.

Fried Risotto balls with cheese
Grilled Sardine
Ricotta Cheese + Peas and Bread
Baby Kale Salad

I can’t remember the exact menu and don’t have photos of all the appetizers, but I do remember that the baby kale salad was absolutely delicious!

The main courses were a nettle pesto, lamb ragu gnocchi, hanger steak with mashed potatoes, and a grilled mackerel with fried cauliflower. The four of us each ordered one of the entrees and had a chance to taste everything. I ordered the nettle pesto which was delicious. With a strong taste of pine nuts, it definitely satisfied my stomach.

For dessert, I got the flourless chocolate cake and everyone else ordered the Meyer lemon pudding cake . As much as I really do love lemon, I’m always weak when it comes to chocolate. They both were delicious. I heard so much raving over the pudding cake so if you’re not a slave to chocolate like me, go for the Meyer lemon pudding cake!

At the end of our meal, they gave us each a bag of freshly made complimentary Ethan Stowell pasta!

Café Crave {a craving for Seattle’s coffee shops}


I love cafes. I love studying and reading in them just as much as I love having coffee dates with others. Since I’m living in Seattle, there’s a huge coffee community and of course, tons of cafeeverywhere. I’ve compiled an extensive list of cafes I want to visit below and will be crossing them off as I do go! (this list is constantly being updated and more cafes are being added, the places are endless!)

Cafe Allegro (U District) 
Monkey Grind Espresso Bar (Greenwood)
Anchored Ship Coffee Bar (Ballard)
Black Coffee Co-op (Capitol Hill)
Storyville (multiple locations)
Caffe Fiore (Ballard)
Herkimer Coffee (Greenwood & Ravenna)
Cafe Solstice (U District) 
A Muddy Cup (Wallingford)
Joe Bar (Capitol Hill)
Citizen (Queen Anne)
Fuel Coffee (multiple locations)
Analog Coffee (Capitol Hill)
Firehouse Coffee (Ballard)
Wheelhouse Coffee (Westlake)
El Diablo Coffee (Queen Anne)
Cherry Street Coffee House (Belltown)
The Pegasus Coffee Hourse (Downtown)
Victrola Coffee Roasters (Capitol Hill)
Trabant Coffee & Chai (Pioneer Square & U District)
Java Bean Coffeehouse (Ballard)
Chocolati Cafe (multiple locations)
Bustle Caffee (Queen Anne)
Porchlight Coffee & Records (Capitol Hill)
Street Bean Espresso (Belltown)
Cafe on the Ave (U District)
Sip & Ship (Ballard)

Ada’s Technical Shop & Cafe (Capitol Hill)
Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery (multiple locations)
Caffe Migliore (Downtown)
Roy Stree Coffee & Tea (Capitol Hill)
Uptown Espresso (multiple locations)
The Bounty Cafe (Ballard)
Couth Buzzard Books (Greenwood)
Espresso Vivace (Capitol Hill)
Ballard Coffee Works (Ballard)
Makeda Coffee (Greenwood & Phinney Ridge)
Cafe Besalu (Ballard)
Neptune Coffee (Greenwood)
Stumptown Coffee (Capitol Hill)
Seattle Coffee Works (Downtown)

I’ll be writing separate posts for some of these places and I”ll update this post with the links to the posts as I go. Feel free to comment with review or experiences at any of these place or for those coffee lovers out there, I’d love more suggestions!

Happy coffee drinking! 🙂

Fremont Exploration {Seattle, WA}

Having no classes Friday afternoons this quarter has been so great because I’ve had the chance to start exploring different neighborhoods of Seattle.  My friend Sarah and I decided to take a look at the Fremont area because it’s a very easy and short  bus ride from campus. I’ve been around Seattle for 5 years now and on campus for almost two but hadn’t ever actually explored Fremont.

Fremont is adorable, filled with small (and really expensive) boutiques and doesn’t lack places to eat either. The shop owners were all friendly and helpful, creating a comfortable environment to shop it. We spent so much time wandering through each one, wanting everything in the stores.

Here’s a peek at some of the cutest boutiques, go check them out for yourself when you get a chance!

{Dream Boutique}
Adorable store with clothing, shoes, candles, cards, gifts, acccessories, etc.
Visit their website

{Lamb Ear + Thistle}
Rustic shoe boutique with a simple and modern layout
Visit their website

{Burnt Sugar}
Paper goods, accessories, handbags, home ware, and a little bit of everything else!
Visit their website

{Gold Dogs Vintage}
Vintage, reworked, & new
Visit their website

And of course, I have to share the OOTD. A humid but warm Friday needed something comfortable and cute fitted for exploring shops.

Forever 21: Blue sleeveless top, Triangular Aztec necklace
H&M: Black skater skirt
Crossroads Trading Co: Aldo Booties, black handbag
Crocheted cardigan- a gem found in my mother’s closet 

DSC_0509e3wIf you love what my pretty friend Sarah is wearing, you’ll love Free People!

Free People: Blue dress, bralette
Madewell: Brown strappy sandals
Purse- bought in London

If you want to know what we had for lunch, visit  my post on Homegrown Sandwiches!