Brazos Bend State Park: Needville, TX

IMG_3016eBrazos Bend State Park was one of my favorite parts of my trip to Texas, aside from all the wonderful food I was able to eat. I’m very used to going to National and State parks filled with luscious green trees and mountain surroundings. This park was not that at all, instead it was a swamp. But it had its own beauty that I came to appreciate. The wildlife in this park was not bears and deer, but rather a haven of different birds, turtles, and alligators. We kept count of how many gators we saw during our time there and counted at least 51 of them. There were some really little ones and others were massive, thankfully located on the other side of the swamp though. There were a few medium sized and smaller gators that were really close to path we were walking so it was pretty cool to see them up close.  We picked the perfect day to go since the weather was perfect, not too hot but beautifully sunny so all the gators were out sunbathing. If you’re down in Houston, Brazos Bend State Park is a spot you definitely need to visit. It’s 7 dollars per person to enter the park but it’s worth the experience and nature view. It’s family and dog friendly, you just have to keep an eye on both dogs and children to make sure they stay on the path and away from the alligators. It’s a really popular spot for camping trips as well.


Castle Hill Graffiti: Austin, TX

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to pay a visit to the famous graffiti park. I hadn’t been sure what to expect and definitely did not realize it was on such a massive hill. Maxi skirts and sandals were not the smartest attire choice I could have made and I definitely recommend wearing pants with shoes that have some grip. You’ll be climbing over some walls and going up/down a dirt hill that can be slippery in parts. The wall itself was really cool with a lot of very vibrant colors in its artwork. There were some artists working on parts of the wall while we were there and its walls are open to the public to contribute their own art to.  Some of the artwork stood for political reasons, some told person stories, and some were just for fun. Certain ones were simple while others were more intricately done but both were really interesting to look at. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and if there isn’t, you can create it yourself! Here are just a few snapshots from my visit, the wall art is constantly changing so if you see one you really like, be sure to take a photo: