Catching Sun Rays and Waves {Lake Tahoe, CA}

After the conference, we headed back up north to Lake Tahoe with a few other family friends for a couple of days. This might be a long post with lots of pictures because we just had so much fun during out time! The last time I had been to Lake Tahoe was just with my family for a few days of vacation about 4 or 5  years ago. I remembered having a really great time and the water being amazingly blue. Although the weather forecast wasn’t supposed to be as clear this time, we still managed to catch quite some sun while out on the lake. We rented a house nearby and spent some time hiking, jet skiing, and  boating.


The first two morning, we made breakfast in the house. All the kids were in charge of breakfast for day 2 and I have to say, we cameup with a pretty good meal. Breakfast consisted of berry pancakes, banana chocolate chip pancakes, chicken apple sausages, yogurt berry/cereal parfaits, ham/egg wheat bread sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and an assortment of fruit.




My family decided to go on a walk in the evening and as we were strolling around the neighborhood, a kitten came out of nowhere and followed us home. We tried calling the number on its tag but since it was pretty late, no one picked up. It stayed at around our house for the rest of the evening and through the next day as well until we received a phone call back from its owners. Even though I’m allergic to cats, I couldn’t resist his charm. He was quite the adorable little kitten and seemed so lost.


We rented out a boat for the last full day we spent at Tahoe and did some inner tubing. Thunderstorms were supposed to be rolling in for the afternoon so we made sure to head out early and catch the sun rays. The water was pretty calm and the weather turned out to be perfect for boating.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Tubing took a lot of energy out of us so we headed back to the house to clean  up and rest. A lot of us ended up napping for a bit and sure enough the clouds rolled in as the thunderstorms came. It cleared up enough for us to drive up to Inspiration Lookout to take a look at the view and take a few photos.


DSC_0601Before leaving our time at Tahoe, my family stopped for lunch at The Red Hut. Their burgers were really filling and just as delicious. It’s a must location to eat if you’re in the area and of course, don’t forget to order a shake!



Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda


Chicken strips, Two avocado cheeseburgers, and a cheeseburger

If your family is ever looking for a place with some sunshine and water activities, I really would suggest going to Lake Tahoe. Even though we don’t have a dog anymore, this location would be the prime spot for vacationing with pets. There were happy dogs everywhere we went. With content stomachs, we left Tahoe with full and happy hearts looking forward to the next time we would be able to come again.


West Coast Musings: Part II

I had every intention of blogging my trip while I was gone but due to busy schedules and terrible internet, here I am blogging the rest of  my trip after I’ve returned home already! photo 3 (5)


The third day of travels started out in Florence, Oregon and brought us down to Crescent City for the night. Florence is famous for its beautiful sand dunes along the coast. I’ve been here once before but it was years ago when I was much younger. Back then, we rented some one seater dune buggies and I got stuck….a lot. This time, we rented individual ATVs for each of us and I still got stuck….a  lot. The sand dunes were beautiful though and being stuck meant I had a lot of time to just sit and take in my surroundings while I waited for help. After the excursion, I had to empty myself of all the sand that had collected in my clothing.

DSC_1178We were all starving after we were done with sand dunes and decided to get lunch at Traveler’s Cove and it was delicious. The portions were just big enough to fill up the appetite we had worked up. If you’re in Florence and in need of a yummy, hearty meal, I would definitely suggest visiting Traveler’s Cove!




I’m hungry again just looking at this!

The next leg of the trip was just to get to Crescent City for the night and take it easy. We were all pretty tired and just wanted to hang out in the hotel to relax for the next day which took us through the Redwoods and then to our destination of Sonoma for our conference.



The London Plane {Seattle, WA}


My friend Jessie and I decided to take a nice break at the end of the week and go out for lunch, spend some girl time together. We’d made plans to go to the The London Plane earlier and had been looking forward to it all week long. Located in Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle, The London Place is beautifully and spaciously designed.  It’s a flower shop, dry goods shop, bakery, cafe, wine shop & bar, and events space.  This sounds like there’s a lot going on but once you visit The London Plane, you’ll understand how beautifully integrated the different components are woven together. 

Walking in, you’re greeted with beautiful arrangements of flowers and the entire space is filled with natural lighting. The interior of this place is quite breathtaking and you just soak it all in when you’re there. I couldn’t get enough of my surroundings.

The cafe portion is located in the front corner of the entire space, separated by the floral arrangements. They serve a variety of local beverages so we ordered two different flavored DRY sodas: Lavender and Juniper Berry.DSC_0127
The menu changes daily and servers a variety of meats and vegetables. We ordered three small plates to share.

All three plates were spectacular and refreshing. The bread was delicious and the herb butter was even better.  The Albacore tuna had just the right amount of flavor but my favorite was definitely the asparagus. With a strong hint of mint, they were perfectly seasoned and pistachios added the perfect touch. Jessie and I couldn’t get enough of it!

After we finished eating, we walked around the rest of The London Plane and their shop area. I also tried their homemade peach preserve and it was amazing. Next time, I’m definitely going back to buy a jar!

Visit The London Plane here.

Lastly, here’s what we wore to our little luncheon!

Crossroads Trading Co. : J. Crew Navy blue seersuckered gingham
H&M: Lace Skirt
Charlotte Russe: Grey ankle boots
Nordstrom: Gold bar Necklace

Crossroads Trading Co. : Eyelet Tunic
J. Crew: Leggings
Lucky Brand black flats

If you’ve been to The London Plane, please share your experience! And if not, definitely stop by for breakfast, brunch, or lunch sometime soon!

Seattle Art Museum {Seattle, WA}

The Seattle Art Museum offers free admission to its general galleries every first Thursday of each month which is a really awesome way to view their artwork without paying the regular student admission price of $12.50 or adult ticket price of $19.50.  Miró is currently the featured gallery but I didn’t have enough time to check that one out but for future reference, featured gallery ticket prices are also discounted on free gallery Thursdays. It looked like they were about half the price of a regular ticket. I highly suggest going down and checking it out if art appeals to you. Even if you don’t consider yourself an art person, free admission days to the SAM is a great way to explore some different mediums of art!

The following photograph was taken from a film installation in one of the exhibits.


“William Kentridge asks us to live for a few minutes in a world where tension is rampant, but no one speaks out…such shadows suggest the conditions of laborers in South Africa and defiant marches against apartheid”.

Shadow Procession (1999)
35mm film transferred to video and DVD
Direction, animation, photography by William Kentridge (South African, born 1955″
“What a Friend I have in Jesus” music score

These next to images were two of my favorite pieces of art at the museum and were painted by an artist couple. The first (painted by the wife)  almost seems like a smaller, unfinished work of the second one (painted by the husband). Reminded immediately of music through the round, disc shapes and the vibrant colors used, a wave of emotion came over me as I studied the pieces. It’s amazing how art is a medium that can be do versatile, general, and yet so personally reflective.


Soapault (1961)
Artist: Sonia Delaunay


Rhythm No. 2  (1938)
Artist: Robert Delaunay

A few more snapshots from my visit:

If you have the time to visit the SAM, definitely do so! I had such a fun afternoon wandering through exhibits and just enjoying it. It’s hard to find time to slow down in the busy lives we live nowadays but taking time to appreciate art is sure to help.