Anchored Ship Coffee Bar


This was an extremely busy and really overwhelming week. By today, I was completely physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and needed to take a break. So after I finished classes and my responsibilities for the day, I decided to bus over to Ballard and spend my afternoon in Anchored Ship Coffee Bar. I’d never been here before but I saw photos of this coffee shop as well as read many good reviews . They made me want to come check it out myself and it did not disappoint.

It’s pretty small and cozy with a small loft area where I sat on a couch and read. The music they play is relaxing and not distracting which was really nice for my reading. The barista was incredibly friendly and when I accidentally spilled some of my latte upstairs (the coffee table in front of the couch is very wobbly so be careful if you put your drink on it), he offered to make me a new one but it was only a small spill so I was fine. They are known for their Lavender Chai which sounds wonderful. I didn’t order it though because I wasn’t feeling Chai mood today.

This place is so cute, comfortable, and friendly with wonderful coffee and service. The vibe is so relaxing and I loved the way it’s simply decorated, I’m obsessed with the wallpaper upstairs along one wall. There’s even a small fabric shop in the back. If you’re in Ballard or near by and need a place to rest your mind, come to Anchored Ship Coffee and Bar. I felt much more refreshed and rested when I left Anchored Ship. I know I’ll be back soon again!



Café Crave {a craving for Seattle’s coffee shops}


I love cafes. I love studying and reading in them just as much as I love having coffee dates with others. Since I’m living in Seattle, there’s a huge coffee community and of course, tons of cafeeverywhere. I’ve compiled an extensive list of cafes I want to visit below and will be crossing them off as I do go! (this list is constantly being updated and more cafes are being added, the places are endless!)

Cafe Allegro (U District) 
Monkey Grind Espresso Bar (Greenwood)
Anchored Ship Coffee Bar (Ballard)
Black Coffee Co-op (Capitol Hill)
Storyville (multiple locations)
Caffe Fiore (Ballard)
Herkimer Coffee (Greenwood & Ravenna)
Cafe Solstice (U District) 
A Muddy Cup (Wallingford)
Joe Bar (Capitol Hill)
Citizen (Queen Anne)
Fuel Coffee (multiple locations)
Analog Coffee (Capitol Hill)
Firehouse Coffee (Ballard)
Wheelhouse Coffee (Westlake)
El Diablo Coffee (Queen Anne)
Cherry Street Coffee House (Belltown)
The Pegasus Coffee Hourse (Downtown)
Victrola Coffee Roasters (Capitol Hill)
Trabant Coffee & Chai (Pioneer Square & U District)
Java Bean Coffeehouse (Ballard)
Chocolati Cafe (multiple locations)
Bustle Caffee (Queen Anne)
Porchlight Coffee & Records (Capitol Hill)
Street Bean Espresso (Belltown)
Cafe on the Ave (U District)
Sip & Ship (Ballard)

Ada’s Technical Shop & Cafe (Capitol Hill)
Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery (multiple locations)
Caffe Migliore (Downtown)
Roy Stree Coffee & Tea (Capitol Hill)
Uptown Espresso (multiple locations)
The Bounty Cafe (Ballard)
Couth Buzzard Books (Greenwood)
Espresso Vivace (Capitol Hill)
Ballard Coffee Works (Ballard)
Makeda Coffee (Greenwood & Phinney Ridge)
Cafe Besalu (Ballard)
Neptune Coffee (Greenwood)
Stumptown Coffee (Capitol Hill)
Seattle Coffee Works (Downtown)

I’ll be writing separate posts for some of these places and I”ll update this post with the links to the posts as I go. Feel free to comment with review or experiences at any of these place or for those coffee lovers out there, I’d love more suggestions!

Happy coffee drinking! 🙂

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters: Austin, TX

We had just visited the graffiti park and wanted an afternoon snack. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters was only a 5 minute drive from the wall and I had read really great reviews. The weather wasn’t amazing that day but I’m sure this café is packed on a nice day. It’s situated right along the water with inside seating facing the waters as well as outdoor seating.  It serves a variety of coffees and desserts. I ordered an affagato which was a really rich brownie with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and a shot of espresso poured over. It was spot on and delicious. If you’re looking for a good place to study or a location for a coffee date, this is the place!