Catching Sun Rays and Waves {Lake Tahoe, CA}

After the conference, we headed back up north to Lake Tahoe with a few other family friends for a couple of days. This might be a long post with lots of pictures because we just had so much fun during out time! The last time I had been to Lake Tahoe was just with my family for a few days of vacation about 4 or 5  years ago. I remembered having a really great time and the water being amazingly blue. Although the weather forecast wasn’t supposed to be as clear this time, we still managed to catch quite some sun while out on the lake. We rented a house nearby and spent some time hiking, jet skiing, and  boating.


The first two morning, we made breakfast in the house. All the kids were in charge of breakfast for day 2 and I have to say, we cameup with a pretty good meal. Breakfast consisted of berry pancakes, banana chocolate chip pancakes, chicken apple sausages, yogurt berry/cereal parfaits, ham/egg wheat bread sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and an assortment of fruit.




My family decided to go on a walk in the evening and as we were strolling around the neighborhood, a kitten came out of nowhere and followed us home. We tried calling the number on its tag but since it was pretty late, no one picked up. It stayed at around our house for the rest of the evening and through the next day as well until we received a phone call back from its owners. Even though I’m allergic to cats, I couldn’t resist his charm. He was quite the adorable little kitten and seemed so lost.


We rented out a boat for the last full day we spent at Tahoe and did some inner tubing. Thunderstorms were supposed to be rolling in for the afternoon so we made sure to head out early and catch the sun rays. The water was pretty calm and the weather turned out to be perfect for boating.


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Tubing took a lot of energy out of us so we headed back to the house to clean  up and rest. A lot of us ended up napping for a bit and sure enough the clouds rolled in as the thunderstorms came. It cleared up enough for us to drive up to Inspiration Lookout to take a look at the view and take a few photos.


DSC_0601Before leaving our time at Tahoe, my family stopped for lunch at The Red Hut. Their burgers were really filling and just as delicious. It’s a must location to eat if you’re in the area and of course, don’t forget to order a shake!



Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda


Chicken strips, Two avocado cheeseburgers, and a cheeseburger

If your family is ever looking for a place with some sunshine and water activities, I really would suggest going to Lake Tahoe. Even though we don’t have a dog anymore, this location would be the prime spot for vacationing with pets. There were happy dogs everywhere we went. With content stomachs, we left Tahoe with full and happy hearts looking forward to the next time we would be able to come again.


Baked Egg in Avocado

I love avocado like none other.

Honestly, I can’t remember when I started loving it but I’m pretty sure there was a time in my childhood that I wasn’t so appreciative of this fruit. But now, I absolutely love it. I love it in my sandwiches, as guacamole, and also just by the spoonful so when I started seeing eggs being baked inside becoming all the rage, I just had to try it.

One morning, I had some extra time on my hands and I had some avocados in the fridge so I decided the time was right. I had some eggs in the fridge and a tomato. Aside from that, I wasn’t sure what else I could eat with the avocado and egg without having to go out and buy ingredients. I remember reading somewhere that feta cheese could go really well and I happened to have some so I took that out too. This recipe is super simple and as long as you have eggs and avocados, you may not even need to run out to the grocery store. You could definitely put anything you want on the avocado/egg but I just used ingredients I happened to have on hand and it turned out delicious!

baked avocado

Baked Egg in Avocado

1 Ripe Avocado (sliced in half,pit removed)
2 Eggs
Feta Cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 425 F.

2. Scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of the avocado from the center so when the egg you crack will fit in there.

3. Season each avocado half with salt and pepper to your liking and then place them on a pan.

4. Crack one egg in each half being careful to let the yolk out first and then filling the rest of the crater with egg white. It’s absolutely okay if it runs out of the crater.

5. Place pan in oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. This really will vary depending on the size of your avocado and eggs. Make sure the egg whites are completely cooked through when they set and you can remove the avocados from the oven whenever you’d like. I prefer my egg yolk just a tad bit runny still but if you like your egg completely cooked through, leave them in a little longer.

6. While the avocados are busy baking, dice some tomatoes. You can also use salsa if you’d like. When the avocados are done baking, place your desired amount of tomatoes on the top as well as feta cheese.

7. Enjoy!

Sweet Paris Crêperie: Houston, TX

The last morning I spent in Texas, my sister and I decided to wake up earlier to get breakfast and spend some quality sister time together. We went to a crepe restaurant around Rice called Sweet Paris Crêperie. It doesn’t look too big from the outside but there’s quite a bit of seating once you get inside. Sweet Paris is adorable and their staff is very friendly; they make and serve both sweet and savory crêpes so you’ll be sure to find something you like! We ordered off the breakfast crêpe as well as the regular crêpe menu and both my sister and I went for the savory crêpes. We went not too long after it opened so it was mostly empty but as the morning went on, more and more customers came in for their crêpe fix of the day.  The crêpes are large and extremely filling but so delicious that you want to finish it all. I wish I could go back now and get another Alaskan (scottish smoked salmon, pickled red onions, capers, fresh dill, and two scrambled eggs, topped with dill sour cream)!

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Check out their adorable website and full menu here!

Blue Dahlia Bistro: Austin, TX



After a few heavy meals in a row, I was ready for something light and refreshing. Blue Dahlia Bistro was the perfect place to go and offered a beautifully fresh and local menu.  The bistro had some outdoor seating in the front, indoor cafe-type seating, and an outdoor heated patio. There were plants everywhere and I could see it being absolutely beautiful in the evening with the lighting set up. There’s also a cat named Dahlia that lingers around the patio, a stray that’s been living there since she was a kitten. The staff are very friendly and helpful, ensuring your drink is filled up. I ordered an Hibiscus Mint Herbal Iced Tea which they generously refilled, it was refreshing with just the right amount of mint. Their entire menu looked delicious and it was hard to decide but I ultimately chose the Blue Dahlia Brie with walnuts and homemade jam tartine, Tiff ordered one of their daily frittatas with mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers, Gruyere cheese.  Calvin ordered the Roast Beef with Capers and Dijon Crème fraîche.  They were all perfect in portions and had a wonderful balance of flavors. The presentation was also beautiful, paired with a relaxed environment. It would be a great place to bring a book and enjoy a breakfast or brunch by yourself too.

To finish off the meal, we ordered a bread pudding to share. It was incredibly delicious and enough to feed the three of us.