A little bit of edge: the Look


We’ll keep this post short and sweet.

I thrifted this fake leather skirt from Crossroads a few weeks ago and have been dying for a chance to wear it. I’d been looking for a leather skirt for awhile but nothing affordable ever fit right and even though this skirt isn’t real leather, it fits perfectly and isn’t too heavy. For a darker, edgier vibe, I paired the skirt with a dark grey print top from Urban Outfitters I found on sale earlier this year for 5 dollars and a necklace from Buffalo Exchange that gave just enough to the look. It’s one of my favorite new finds from the last few weeks and I’m excited to use it to accessorize more outfits. I absolutely love these darker pieces fitted together.




DSC_0070wCrossroads Trading Co: Skirt (Forever 12)
Buffalo Exchange: Necklace
Urban Outfitters: Printed top
Charlotte Russe: Ankle boots

Next time, I’m definitely going to throw in some dark lipstick to complete the look!


My Affordable Style {Snippet 1}

Over the last few years, I’ve really loved the art of piecing articles of clothing together to make a complete look. I can’t clearly remember when I finally started dressing myself like an appropriate member of society but it must have been sometime in high school since my middle school years were filled with American Eagle graphic tees, braces, glasses, and bell bottom jeans, which I guess the style back then. Since entering college however, I’ve pretty much changed my entire wardrobe. I mean, yes, I still wear clothes from high school but most of the stuff I wear most often now was bought within the last two years on a college girl’s budge. A lot of it is from this consignment store near the University called “Crossroads Trading”, I’ll share a little bit more about Crossroads later in another post. But thrifting and going to second-hand clothing stores have become my favorite ways to buy new clothes for myself. You’ll totally understand when you see the things I’ve found and the prices. I got them for!

I’ve always been very safe in my style, going for the simple, timeless looks. While I am still a firm believer in less is more and simple pieces, I’ve grown a little bolder in my style. There is always a time and place for simple and classy but there is definitely also a place for edgy and bold. After spending a summer at camp, my own personal fashion was heavily influenced and inspired by some people I worked with. I started leaning more towards a neutral color tone palate, refining my taste with the darker tones. This works really well living in Seattle since the winters are dark and dreary and I’m not one to walk around in bright colors against the gray sky. I also began exploring and experimenting with different patterns and prints, pushing boundaries and limits a little bite more than I used to. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean after I start sharing more of these snippets.

These first few outfits I want to share with you are very typical day-to-day outfits that you’ll often spot me wearing. They’re very simple individual pieces placed together with an accessory to add a bit of flair.



Crossroads Trading Co: Caslon (Nordstrom Brand) Open Fleece Cardigan $12, Charter Club (Macy’s Brand) Black Chiffon Tank $6.50
Value Village: Scarf $2
H&M: Jeans $10
Amazon.com: Michael Antonio Women’s Mali Western Boot $26

I wore this outfit on a sunny but windy day which is completely normal for Seattle. Many times, the sun can be shining but the actual temperature isn’t as warm as it looks. Open front fleece cardigans seem to be all the rage this year and I’m not complaining. I wear mine all the time because it’s so easy to throw over any outfit. You can dress it up or down, it’s extremely versatile. I also love scarves since I think they add so much to a look while being completely functional. Living in Seattle, you have to be prepared for sudden weather changes so that means layering, layering, layering since the sun could come out or disappear at any given time. This goes the same for rain which is why boots are so, so, so helpful. However, as spring comes around, I am less joyful to wear my long, knee high boots because I get really warm in them which is why I absolutely love booties. In fact, I think I’ve become a little bit obsessed with booties and am currently on the hunt for a good pair of black ones. You’ll notice that this outfit is very simple and easy to put together but it’ still a polished look. I forgot to include them in this photograph but I wore a pair of silver studs from H&M to complete the look. You’ll also usually find me always wearing this ring I bought at a street vendor down in San Francisco four years ago. I’m still as much in love with it now as I was when I bought it back then.


This second outfit was worn on day that was forecasted to be raining but instead turned out really sunny and warm. I was going to Queen Anne Ave. for a coffee date with a wedding planner to chat about the industry and potential job opportunities. Although it was an informal meet and greet, I wanted to make sure to look nice show a little bit of  my personality in style. Queen Anne is one of many cute little neighborhoods in Seattle and is definitely considered one of the more upscale areas. For this meet & greet, I wanted to keep it casual but also presentable. First impressions are always important! I’ll let the look speak for itself.





CrossroadsLucky Brand Chambray Button-down $8.50
H&M: Circle Scarf (bought secondhand for $3)
TargetXhilaration Black Lace Dress $12
Charlotte Russe: Grey Booties $12
Nordstrom: Gold Bar Necklace $8
Forever 21Coral Triangle Earrings (gifted)