Mother’s Day Herb Planters


Some of you may have seen this photo from my post late last night on Instagram. My friend and I decided it’d be fun to do something useful and nice for our moms as a practical Mother’s Day gift. We came across the idea of making some herb planters and absolutely loved the idea. This project is relatively simple, especially if you have any experience with plants. I’m awful with gardening and anything that has to do with plants but I was able to make these. It’s simple enough for anyone!

My mom has a green thumb and already grows a lot of her own herbs so it was pretty difficult for me to find some herbs she wasn’t already growing. Gloria and I bought some herbs from our local Home Depot which had a plethora of herbs available. I settled on two arugula plants and a pot of chard. Gloria bought rosemary, basil, and a pot of cilantro for her mom. They turned out pretty great and they’re great gifts for moms who love to cook with herbs or just for anyone! I’m tempted to make some for my own apartment.

Materials for a set of 3 planters:

3 Empty cans (we used 20 oz canned pineapples but you may want to use a 29 oz can for larger plants)
pea gravel
3 herbs of your choice
a roll of Burlap
extra soil
tacky glue
3 clothespins
ink pen

Step 1.
If your cans aren’t empty yet, empty them. Remove the labels, wash the cans, and dry them.

Step 2
Put a layer of pea gravel at the bottom the cans, just enough to cover the bottom

Step 3
Put enough soil in the can to cover the gravel completely.

Step 4
Place one of your herbs into the can. Don’t be afraid to pull a bit at the roots to loosen them and loosen the dirt. These herbs are much more resilient than you would think or look.  Once the herb is potted, fill up the rest of the can if needed with more soil. Then clean off the outside of the can before you start the next step.

Step 5
Cut enough burlap to wrap around the can, be sure it doesn’t overlap too much. Mark four dots evenly spaced out along the short edge of the burlap and match it up to the other end to draw four more dots in the same corresponding spots. Cut small slits in the burlap where the dots are marked.

Step 6
Use the tacky glue to glue the burlap to the can but do not glue down the short ends. You’ll want these ends to be loose enough so you can string the ribbon through in the next step.

Step 7
Thread the ribbon through starting from the bottom or top, then tie a bow with the ends.

Step 8 
Write the name of the herb on the clothespin and clip it to the edge of the planter.

Now you have a cute little herb planter! Repeat these steps to make as many as you want!
You can also modify this project to your liking by tying the ribbon all the way around the can, rather than threading it through the ends of the burlap or even using patterned wall paper instead of burlap.


On the windowsill!


Try it out yourself and let me know how it goes!



What do you think? :)

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