Teacher Appreciation Jar

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Today was National Teacher Appreciation day and I’ve been volunteering at an Elementary School in the Seattle Public School District this quarter so I wanted to make a little something to show my appreciation to the wonderful teachers I get to work with every week. This DIY was pretty last minute because I had a really busy weekend and didn’t have much time to compile materials. But this jar of goodies is perfect for any teacher and can be customized very easily. I chose to fill my jar with goodies like highlighters, pens, chocolate, and starbursts but it can easily be adjusted to a color theme or personalized to the specific recipient.

Mason Jar (with or without handle)
Ribbon (you can just used one color or multiple, I chose to use three different strands)
Appreciation template
Hole puncher or Needle (I didn’t have a hole puncher available but I had a needle)


1. I had found teacher appreciation tags templates from Pinterest  but I wasn’t able to edit it to colors I liked. So I took the inspiration from there and created my own template while modifying it a little bit for my taste. Feel free to use the template here (Teacher Appreciation Template)! If you can print the template out on cardstock, that’d be best but I didn’t have any available to me so I just printed the tags out on regular printer paper and mounted them onto colored cardstock.

2.  Stuff jar with the goodies you’ve chosen. I put the chocolate in first, then the pens, and the filled the rest of the jar with starbursts.

3. Punch a hole at the top of both tags or poke a hole with a needle. Thread the string through the holes with the small tag on top of the larger one and set them aside.

4. Cut the ribbon and tie a pretty bow around the mouth of the jar.

5. Take the tags that you’ve strung string through and tie the tags to the ribbon around the mouth of the jar.  Snip off the extra string and Ta-da! You’re done!

These jars are such easy gift to make and personalize!

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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

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