Easy Birthday Bunting

I love all sorts of bunting and I think it completes the look of any wall for any purpose, whether as home decor or party decor. Now you can find bunting at any party store or on etsy, you can even customize the bunting you want but it’s so much for fun to do it yourself! And it turns out to be a lot more cost effective. If you do arts & crafts often like me, then you probably won’t have to buy a single thing since you probably already have the materials somewhere around. I made one for my roommates birthday party and wanted to share with y’all so you can make your own next time!

{Birthday bunting}

Scrapbook paper (varies depending on how many letters and different colors you want)
White printer paper (again, you can use a different color or texture of paper, this is just what i had lying around)
String (I used twine)
Mini Clothespins
Scrap paper for template


Step 1. Decide on the shape of bunting flags you’d like to use and Draw a template for the bunting flags. I drew mine on a scrap piece of paper but you might choose to do this on card stock so it’ll be easier to trace and you can keep it to reuse. ย I chose to draw mine so I could customize the size and shape but there are a plethora of templates online if you’d rather use them. Cut out the template.

step 2. Flip your scrapbook paper over so the patterned or textured side is facing down. Trace the template you just created and cut the scrapbook paper. You’ve made your first flag! Repeat this for as any flags as you’d like.

Step 3. This step can prove to be a little trickier. I free handily cut all my letters out mostly out of laziness and not wanting to draw letters first. If you feel comfortable enough, feel free to do so! If cutting letters free-hand isn’t quite your thing, no worries! You can either draw out the letters first and cut them out or you could even make the letters on the computer in a Word file, print them out on your preferred paper, then cut them out.

Step 4. Glue the letters on the flags you created in step 2 in the order you desire, be sure the edges and corners of each letter are gently pressed down so they don’t curl.

Step 5. This is where you get to assemble all the pieces! I chose to use clothesline to hang the flags on string because it’s easier for me to store and reuse. You could also glue the flags around the string but you just need to make sure to leave some extra room at the top when you create your template flag.

And here’s the final project in place!


Happy Birthday Bunting with embellished glitter circles

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