Nu Cafe: Houston, Tx

After spending most of the day outside at Brazos Bend in the sun, we were ready for some cold treats! Now back in Seattle, bubble tea can be found in many locations but shaved ice is rare. My parents grew up eating shaved ice as children and my sister and I grew up eating homemade shaved ice in the summers. But something that isn’t even currently found in Seattle is shaved snow. I tried shaved snow for the first time last summer when I was down in L.A. And I fell in love instantly (yes, I fall in love with food often). Shaved snow has a different consistency than regular shaved ice. It’d softer and more packed together, and it’s flavored! I don’t know how it’s made or anything about they, all I know is that it’s amazing. The variety of flavors range from mango and strawberry to coffee and much more.

My favorite is green tea shaved ice so that’s what I ordered at Nu Cafe. Houston has a huge Chinatown with a plethora of choices for shaved ice and bubble tea.  I got green tea shaved snow  with some different toppings, it was super delicious but they were definitely could have been much more generous with the toppings.



What do you think? :)

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