Reggae Hut Cafe: Houston, TX

Houston has such a wide variety of food choices and Jamaican food is just one example. Reggae Hut is a rather spacious, rather old looking restaurant located in the Museum District of Houston. Upon walking it, the woman behind the counter greeted us loud hellos and friendly smiles. She showed nothing but wonderful and warm service to us. We went for an early dinner so it was pretty empty but apparently, that place can be filled. On certain nights, they have live music as well.

I ordered their traditional Jerk Chicken and wow, it was spicy. It was so spicy but I couldn’t stop eating either. ย I went through lots of ice cubes during my meal in order to calm the wildfire in my mouth and on my taste buds. The vegetable side was delicious as well, it was a bit sweet which balanced the spices of the chicken. The meal came in a hearty portion and filled me completely. Jerk chicken is definitely worth getting but if you can’t handle the heat, they have some friendlier options like the Brown Stew Chicken or Curry Chicken. Come visit Reggae Hut and bring your taste buds on an adventure to the Caribbean!

What do you think? :)

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