Local Foods: Houston, TX

Local Foods is one of my sister’s favorites places and I can see why.  The café itself is quite spacious with a lot of seating in booths and tables. There’s also an outside strip to sit on along the road but the decor has a funky, a bit of a retro vibe to it. It’s brightly lit and the food is very fresh. Their sandwiches all looked absolutely satisfying but I went with their Crunchy Chicken (nut “crumble”, provolone, buttermilk ranch, pickles, pretzel bun) which is one of the sandwiches they’re most well-known for. With each sandwich, you can pick two sides. All of their sides looked really good but I ended up picking their kale and slaw. I also bought a cup of their Mintade which was a really delicious blend of citrus fruits and a refreshing mint aftertaste. We got our meal to-go but if you’re in the restaurant, you can have unlimited refill of their refreshing drink.  The price of the sandwiches at Local Foods isn’t cheap but it’s definitely worth each dollar you spend.

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