Blue Dahlia Bistro: Austin, TX



After a few heavy meals in a row, I was ready for something light and refreshing. Blue Dahlia Bistro was the perfect place to go and offered a beautifully fresh and local menu.  The bistro had some outdoor seating in the front, indoor cafe-type seating, and an outdoor heated patio. There were plants everywhere and I could see it being absolutely beautiful in the evening with the lighting set up. There’s also a cat named Dahlia that lingers around the patio, a stray that’s been living there since she was a kitten. The staff are very friendly and helpful, ensuring your drink is filled up. I ordered an Hibiscus Mint Herbal Iced Tea which they generously refilled, it was refreshing with just the right amount of mint. Their entire menu looked delicious and it was hard to decide but I ultimately chose the Blue Dahlia Brie with walnuts and homemade jam tartine, Tiff ordered one of their daily frittatas with mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers, Gruyere cheese.  Calvin ordered the Roast Beef with Capers and Dijon Crème fraîche.  They were all perfect in portions and had a wonderful balance of flavors. The presentation was also beautiful, paired with a relaxed environment. It would be a great place to bring a book and enjoy a breakfast or brunch by yourself too.

To finish off the meal, we ordered a bread pudding to share. It was incredibly delicious and enough to feed the three of us.

What do you think? :)

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