Gourdough’s Public House: Austin, TX


I’ve heard from several people rave about Gourdough’s Specialty Doughnuts so I decided it was time to check them out. They actually have a food truck for the donuts but the night we wanted to go was a bit chilly so we went to the public house instead. Their menu of donuts is quite extensive and if you go on their website, they have a photo of most of the donuts so you can see what it looks like before you order it. I went with 5 other people and we each ordered a different doughnut to share. Each doughnut was sinfully delectable, packed with sweets and chocolates, depending on what you ordered. I got the “Black Betty“, which my friend pointed out that it was “very northwest of me”, which I suppose is true. It’s a doughnut with house made blackberry filling, cream cheese icing, cake mix, cinnamon, sugar, & locally harvested honey butter. It was amazing and so filling, I could barely finish it. Another favorite that was ordered was the “Ring O’ Fire”, a doughnut with chipotle infused brownie batter, chocolate icing, brownie bites, salted butter caramel sauce, & cayenne candied pecans. It was extremely chocolatey with a bit of a kick to add some uniqueness.



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