Castle Hill Graffiti: Austin, TX

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to pay a visit to the famous graffiti park. I hadn’t been sure what to expect and definitely did not realize it was on such a massive hill. Maxi skirts and sandals were not the smartest attire choice I could have made and I definitely recommend wearing pants with shoes that have some grip. You’ll be climbing over some walls and going up/down a dirt hill that can be slippery in parts. The wall itself was really cool with a lot of very vibrant colors in its artwork. There were some artists working on parts of the wall while we were there and its walls are open to the public to contribute their own art to.  Some of the artwork stood for political reasons, some told person stories, and some were just for fun. Certain ones were simple while others were more intricately done but both were really interesting to look at. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and if there isn’t, you can create it yourself! Here are just a few snapshots from my visit, the wall art is constantly changing so if you see one you really like, be sure to take a photo:

One thought on “Castle Hill Graffiti: Austin, TX

  1. Hey Audrey! I love your blog! It’s really cool. Now I kind of want to make my own filled with categories and stuff. Keep on adding to it!

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