The Salt Lick: Driftwood, TX

Last time I was down in Texas, I ate at The Salt Lick in the Round Rock location which seemed to be a little further out. From what I remembered, the barbecue was divine, especially the brisket. This time however, we went to the Driftwood location which was about a 30 minute, cute and scenic, country-side drive through some winding roads. We had tried to make early reservations but they don’t take reservations on weekends between 5-8pm because they’re always packed. I didn’t realize just how packed this place was until I saw the entire parking lot (a very large parking lot, mind you) completely filled with cars. We were lucky to find a parking spot quickly as we stumbled upon a car leaving when we looped around the lot. After walking over to the restaurant, we could see a lot of people standing around waiting for a table, standing in line for “Salt Lick To-Go”, and others sitting in a small “Wine Garden” section with picnic benches and a stage set up.IMG_2871

There was a band playing live (Cody Bryan Band, if anyone’s interested) and everyone just seemed to be relaxed and having good time. The place had pretty lights and as it got darker, it’s charm only increased. We had to wait about an hour but I didn’t mind sitting/standing around chatting in the sun, listening to some good music, and just soaking it all in. I just loved the place and you could tell, everyone else felt the same way since the it was packed the entire time we were there. When it finally came time for the actual barbecue, we devoured 10 lbs of meat (sausage, ribs, and brisket). The brisket is extremely moist and tender, the ribs came off the bone easily and the sausages were good as well. I could eat that barbecue for a long, long time. Their slaw is also really good too, it’s not the traditional mayonnaise/buttermilk slaw, rather it’s a vinegar slaw which compliments the meat perfectly. When we finished our meal, there were the still the same amount of people waiting for their turn to sit and still endless amount of cars pulling into the lot.

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