Has the way in which you have been serving God betrayed you into exhaustion? If so, then really your affections. Where did you start the service from? From your own sympathy or from the basis of the Redemption of Jesus Christ? Continually go back to the foundation of your affection and recollect where the source of power is. You have no right to say– “O Lord, I am so exhausted.” He saved an sanctified you in order to exhaust you. Be exhausted for God, but remember that your supply comes from Him. “All my fresh springs shall be in Thee.” [Oswald Chambers]

This morning’s devotion was so encouraging and extremely applicable. It really reminded me of this past summer when I served at camp. That is an environment where it was so easy to become exhausted and serve through our own fleshly strength but we were always reminded that we draw our strength from the one that never wearies. We had to take PST (personal spiritual time) because it was critical for us to fill up on the Spirit in order to fill those we were serving. Even throughout my entire life so far, it is a lesson God is continually teaching.

What do you think? :)

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