Friends come and Friends go: God remains

It’s so easy to make promises and commitments when you’re not expected to follow through. You understand and realize who really values your friendship when you are less than 5  min away from one another and they can’t make the time to see you. Or the random late night phone calls from old “friends” who only contact when they’re struggling because you’re that girl. The one who will always put her life on pause to listen to your problems. And when you need the same in return, no one seems to have the tie. But college is about growing and learning so you learn your self-worth does not depend on who reaches out to you and who walks out of your life. Your self-worth doesn’t rely on others. It comes from the Lord. When you feel insufficient, He is sufficient. When you feel unloved or unwanted, He wants you. When you feel left-behind, the Lord never forgets. It just takes time to understand these things because as humans, we want all those things from other humans. But the Lord is the most stable support you will ever be able to find. I am disappointed so often because I hold such high expectations for others. I expect them to do what I would do for them; the only problem is, I would do a lot for others. The lesson I am learning is not to expect. This  isn’t said from a bitter and pessimistic standpoint, although there definitely is a hint of bitterness to it. But when you love unconditionally without expecting any return, that is the life of Christ pouring out of you. That is what Christ did and He received more hurt than anyone. The people He loved and He came to save rejected Him. They crucified Him and completely broke His heart, yet He still loved. He still gave freely to us what we did not deserve. He loves unconditionally so we should love unconditionally. And when you feel hurt, you bring it back to the Lord and He will fill your heart with unspeakable joy as well as peace. The hurt and the grudges that you hold is flesh. If you are abiding in His life, none of that will affect you because He fills you with Himself. That is more than enough to make up for all the wounds and all the scars in the world. It’s still a lesson I continue to learn but by His grace, He will continue to teach and to grow me into His likeness.

What do you think? :)

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